Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tribal Support for Stella Oduah: The Beatitude of A Beautiful Baroness?

I don’t think it is right to say that the rented crowd that staged a march for Stella Oduah, the beleaguered Aviation Minister, is entirely Igbo.  I reckon that some of them might have been drawn from Alaba, Wuse, Onitsha markets etc just to pass messages of division and hate across; to show that the number of those calling for her prosecution is limited to one tribe; to demonstrate that their ‘daughter’ is being persecuted by enemies of progress.
Drumming supports for politicians in troubled circumstances are not new in the country; even in other lands you find such supports, though dimension and intention may vary. The uniqueness of everything about us is what some might term as strange. Every abnormality is normal; war is peace; stealing is sane; favouritism is fair; frivolity is fun; to plunder is to plough in some unique way. Only those who have contrary views to these ethical propositions are idiosyncratic and snooty. That is why a mere allegation of petty larceny is taken to mean crucifixion. After all whose business is it when a stellar gift is given to a beautiful and dutiful Stella; or who cares when a princely souvenir is given to a princess? No one has the right to pronounce anyone guilty until proven so.
The perceived subterfuge against Princess Oduah is nothing but a perennial rhetoric engineered to kill a genuine call for a probe. Given the jejune nature of the current administration, the sacking of Mr Oduah may prove illusive. Given Dr Jonathan’s knack for springing surprises, one is at liberty to say that he would rather have her redeployed than sack her. The President does not give a damn about asset declaration; he does not give a damn about any empty call for the sack of anybody. He can only sack a nonperforming minister. The contract obsessed FEC would not sacrifice a beautiful woman to appease a mischievous political call. She might even be beatified if need be. This is one of the most undisciplined FEC in recent times. Some would argue that Dr Jonathan is not responsible for the birth of corruption in the country, this is correct. But what has he done to check it?
Those who were on parade to give their support for Mrs Oduah may not be Anambra. Given the stories that we have read and heard about the rise to opulence of the beautiful minister – I mean about her knowing what she wanted and scheming to consolidate on what she already has – then the noise about her current predicament is coming out poor knowledge of the way things were ab initio. A white-bearded-old man said on a national television that Mrs Oduah’s background is nobler enough to fetch her whatever she wants in life. Given this assumption, one wonders what then the true meaning of nobility is. Based on what we know of the NNPC, a noblewoman would not want to discolour her immaculately pure autochthon by passing through the controversial energy organisation let alone spending about a decade on her (NNPC) payroll.
The master storyteller Prof Achebe has been celebrated in this country for high octane scholarship and dignity. He never accepted gifts (the mundane honours from Aso Rock). In fact, his works were more like my second Bible. I knew Achebe first as a Nigerian intellectual. Genuine and autochthonous people of Anambra have the natural proclivity to fete hard-work, dedication to duty, honest labour, scholarship and excellence. So it may not be correct to see those paid people as truly from Anambra. They have no tribe! Or, they belong to the tribe of the kleptomaniac elites while the rest of us belong to the Nigeria tribe – meaning essentially that there are two tribes in Nigeria; they belong to the tribe of the omnisciently psychopathic thieves that have been plundering this country.  

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